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CyberPowe 150 Watts Mobile Power Inverter

CPS150BI CyberPowe 150 Watts Mobile Power Inverter Name: CyberPowe 150 Watts Mobile Power Inverter
Price: $14.99
Store: Fry’s

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  • Built-in Surge Protection – Safely protect your electronics against power fluctuations from vehicle startup and shutdown.
  • Automatic-Shutdown – The device will automatically turn itself off to protect your battery from draining.
  • 180 degree Swivel Head – The cigarette lighter adapter is designed for universal placement in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Power/Surge LED – Allows you to visually indicate the inverter’s status.
  • CyberPower Warranty – CyberPower offers an unconditional 2-year warranty with this product — No questions asked. CyberPower also has a #1 rated technical support that will assist you with product, installation, or warranty concerns — Free of Charge.



I have been a power supply designer for 13 years. This type of sine wave is harmless for most electronic power supplies. Any switching (non-wall-wart) power supply converts to DC right at the input.

In my last company, we designed an ultra-cheap inverter alternative that would just convert 12VDC to 150VDC for laptops, etc. It worked fine, but was incredibly unsafe.


Just for grins, I calculated how much gas it would take to run one of these. A gallon of gas has about 33kWh, which produces about 11kWh of usable power at 33% thermal efficiency. If we assume a load of 100watts, a gallon of gas will provide enough power to run the inverter for 111 hours.

When I get mine I’ll put the scope on it and post the output wave form.

Dexter Ali

Wow, we either got a lot of smart people here or a bunch of people who BS a lot.

anyhow, I have one of these (not same model, but similar)

They work pretty good, can’t draw lots of power. I would check the amps as that would be more of a deal breaker. If your laptop or whatever draws a lot of amps then no go.

Mine worked fine for laptop plus a phone charger. A few times I had more things hooked up and was overloading it.

Carry extra fuses and make sure you have a good car battery and alternator.