If you dont have an ebay account, sign up here.

After You have an eBay Account:

1) We Recommend Signing Up to MSN Cashback Before You Start:

Visit https://cashbackaccount.search.live.com/cashback/welcome.aspx to sign up for your Live Cashback Account. All you need is a windows Live ID - you can use any of the following: your MS Passport, your MSN account, your Messenger account or your Hotmail. Don’t have one? You can create one right there, its easy and doesn’t take very long. Make sure to set your payment preferences!

2) Add item to your watch list first then go to Microsoft Live Search and get your link

Add Item to your watch list by locating the item on the eBay, then click "Add this item in My eBay" near the top right corner of your browser window. dess

Once You’ve Signed up, visit Microsoft Live Search web site www.live.com.

Type in "gold coin" and enter. That will bring up an eBay-sponsored ad link. Click that link with the gold coin, you will be brought back to eBay.(note: If you fail to see a sponsored link after a few tries – check your firewall/settings. If your computer blocks ads you may not see the link. This link brings you to eBay.)

Once you are at eBay, you should see the Microsoft Cashback green icon (with the gold coin) on top of the page. Now go to My eBay scroll down to "Watching" and click. You should see your watching item list. Now you can click the item that you would like to purchase with "Buy it Now" option.





3) Find your qualifying product on Ebay & Buy It Now with PayPal

Look for your cashback rebate percentage at the top of the eBay page. Make your purchase with the Buy-It-Now option and pay with PayPal, within 60 Minutes of clicking on the link. Make sure you see the Cashback add in that shows your dollar cashback value before you buy. The percentage changes without warning, so if you see a good deal, go for it! We managed to snag 30% in the example below. (note: the Microsoft Cashback icon MUST be present while you make your purchase, otherwise, you will not be able to redeem your rewards)

4) Redeem your rewards

About three hour after you complete a sale, you should receive an email from Microsoft to your eBay email account. Go to -> My Purchases > Open Cashback email > Click on 'Get Cashback' in email. Once there, link your Paypal account (that you used) with your Microsoft Rebate Center Account if you haven’t already. It may take three days for your reward to show up in your Microsoft Rebate Center account. Microsoft will deposit your cashback redemption ready 60 days after the eBay transaction has successfully completed including payment.

Importnant Information:

You must Buy-It-Now and use PayPal within 60 Minutes of selecting a valid item. Limit of $200 Cashback per Session, for no more than 12 Sessions Annual Cashback limit of $2500
Valid for: US Residents 18 and over, with eBay and Paypal accounts in good standing Discount does not apply to automobiles and real estate purchases. If you would like more information, please see: How It Works
For definition of eligible items and conditions, see: Terms of Use.
For questions about the status of your cashback award, Visit: Microsoft Live Search cashback

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